Call for Papers

WorldS4 Conference and Awards 2022, London

Call for Paper

Original contributions from researchers describing their original, unpublished, research contribution which is not currently under review by another conference or journal and addressing state-of-the-art research are invited to share their work in all areas of Systems, Security and Sustainability and its applications in field OF engineering and management but not limited to the conference tracks.

Prospective authors are invited to submit paper(s) not exceeding 6 pages written IEEE format, Over length of Paper charge 80 GBP per page.

The authors are requested to submit full papers according to IEEE format available at Click here

Authors are required to adhere to the IEEE Policy and Procedures on Plagiarism available at Click here

Important Dates

Early Bird Submission Regular Submission
Paper Submission Opens January 1, 2022 March 13, 2022
Paper Due March 12, 2022 May 18, 2022
Acceptance Notification As Per The Notification As Per The Notification
Registration Due As Per The Notification As Per The Notification
Camera Ready Submission As Per The Notification As Per The Notification
Conference Dates July 28 - 29, 2022

WorldS4 - 2022 will also have a set of keynotes and tutorials. Check speaker page on website

submission guidelines

Authors are kindly invited to submit their formatted full papers including results, tables, figures and references.

All submissions are handled through the WorldS4 at:

Paper Submission Link

[Regular Track 1 – Regular Track 4 ]

Regular Track 1

Smart IT Infrastructure for Sustainable Society

  • Big Data and Data Mining, Data Fusion
  • IoT programming toolkits and frameworks
  • e-education trends higher education prospective
  • Green communication systems and network
  • IoT prototypes and evaluation test-beds
  • Spatial and temporal reasoning for IoT
  • Ubiquitous computing, Ambient Intelligence
  • Sensor Networks and Embedded System
  • Network and information security, Wireless and optical networks
  • Identity Management and Object Recognition
  • Security, Trust, and Privacy, Routing and Control Protocols
  • Scalability, Reliability, Usability, and Robustness
  • Broadband wireless access, Mobile backhaul for small cells
  • Multiple antenna techniques, Cognitive radio and networks

Regular Track 2

Smart Management prospective for Sustainable Society

  • Technological Innovations, Green Technology and Issues Related to ICT
  • Information System, Education and Communication (IEC) for Development
  • Business Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, Resource Sustainability
  • Sustainable Development: In Search of New Development Model
  • Corporate Governance and Sustainability
  • Social Responsibility of Business Entities in achieving Sustainability.
  • Technology in Achieving Sustainability
  • Government Perspectives on Sustainability
  • Sustainability for Next Business Wave
  • Sustainability within the Supply Chain
  • Carbon Emission: Market Opportunities
  • Clean Development Mechanism
  • Human and Institutional Capacity for Sustainability
  • Remodeling of Growth on Sustainable Development Principles
  • Indiscriminate Growth: Undermining Nature’s Economy
  • Corporate Governance and Sustainability-Challenges, Issues and a Road Ahead
  • CSR and Sustainable Development Models
  • Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility - Creation of New Sustainable Industries
  • Government Perspectives on Sustainability

Regular Track 3

Smart Secure Systems for Next Generation Technologies

  • Data provenance, Granular access control, Granular audit
  • Secure computations in distributed programming frameworks
  • Data storage and transaction logs security, Nosql database security
  • End-point input validation/filtering, Real time security and compliance monitoring
  • Scalable and compostable privacy preserving analytics methods
  • Cryptographically enforced access control and secure communications
  • Analytics and security, Fault tolerance, Tampering avoidance and detection
  • Malware detection, System and Data Integrity, Scalability and Robustness
  • Cloud Computing, Malware detection, and Threat detection techniques
  • Data analytics for security, Visualization for security
  • Secure and trusted workflows in cloud computing and services
  • Software and data segregation security, Cryptography and encryption techniques
  • Data obfuscation, Cloud access control and key management
  • Identification and privacy, Accountability, IoT
  • Methods for secure by design, Methods for security analysis and audit
  • Privacy and anonymization techniques, Security protocols, Lightweight security solutions
  • Naming, address manage and end to end addressability, Authentication and access control
  • Identification and biometrics, Identity Management and Future Prospective

Regular Track 4

Smart Trends for Computational Graphics and Image Modeling

  • Real-time Graphics, Advanced User Interfaces
  • Mobile Interfaces,Graphical Interfaces Virtual Humans and Artificial Life
  • Interactive 3D Graphics and Immersive Systems for Servers, Desktop and Thin Clients
  • Interactive 3D Graphics for Mobile Devices Like Smart phones, PDAs and UMPCs
  • Sketch-based Interfaces, Virtual Reality Tools and Languages
  • Human Figure Animation, Crowd Simulation
  • Physics-based Animation,Image-based Animation
  • Image-Based Rendering, Lighting and Appearance
  • Architectural Geometry, Processing Frameworks and Data Structures
  • Modeling and Algorithms, Scene and Object Modeling
  • Modeling of Natural Scenes and Phenomena, Image-Based Modeling

[Special Track 5 – Special Track 8]

Special Track 5


  • Big Data and Data Mining, Data Fusion
  • BIoT programming toolkits and frameworks
  • Green communication systems and network
  • Virtual Reality, Augment Reality, Internet of Things
  • IoT prototypes and evaluation test-beds
  • Sensor Networks and Embedded System
  • Identity Management and Object Recognition
  • Machine to Machine, High Performance Computing

Special Track 6


  • Collaboration Technologies and Systems
  • Embedded Systems, Natural Language Processing
  • Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology
  • Numerical & Symbolic Computation
  • Mechanical Drawing & Computer Graphics
  • Civil and Architectural Engineering
  • Human Computer Interaction

Special Track 7


  • ICT and Society, Technology for Governance
  • E-government applications for ICT
  • E-governance: Economics and Development
  • Best practices & Technologies in ICT
  • Leadership for E-government & ICT
  • Reforms & Acts in ICT
  • e-Agriculture and its applications for ICT

Special Track 8


  • Artificial intelligence, Computational intelligence
  • Intelligent control, Intelligent signal processing
  • Deep learning, Pattern recognition, Robotics
  • E- health and M-health, eHealth tools and services
  • Aged care systems and solutions for people with special needs
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of tele-health solutions
  • mHealth apps, wearable sensors, and self-monitoring devices

Previous publication

The 2021 Springer Vol 1 WorldS4 is already published in Springer Link

The 2021 Springer Vol 2 WorldS4 is already published in Springer Link

The 2021 IEEE WorldS4 is already published in IEEE Explore Link

The 2020 IEEE WorldS4 is already published in IEEE Explore Link

The 2019 IEEE WorldS4 is already published in IEEE Explore Link

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All ICICT 2018 presented papers will be published in conference proceedings by Springer AISC**. ISBN Number - 2194-5357 Series :


Selected extended and presented papers of ICICT 2018 will be published in Special issue Advances in Speech, Music and Audio Signal Processing by Springer - International Journal of Speech Technology (IJST). ISSN: 1381-2416 (print version),
ISSN: 1572-8110 (electronic version),
Journal no. 10772 Series :


The books of this series are submitted to ISI Proceedings, EI-Compendex, DBLP, SCOPUS, Google Scholar and Springerlink **

special sessions

World Conference on Smart Trends in Systems, Security and Sustainability (WorldS4 2022)

July 28 - 29, 2022 , London, United Kingdom

The WorldS4 2022 technical program will include Special Sessions. Their objective is to complement the regular program with new or emerging topics that are of particular interest to the Systems, Security and Sustainability community. These Special Sessions may also cut across and beyond disciplines traditionally represented at WorldS4 Conference. Special Sessions aligned with the conference themes related to “Systems” , "Security" and " Sustainability" are especially welcome.

The organizer/s of the special session will be a Special Invitee in the conference and would be provided with Complimentary registration, International Travel and hospitality to participate in the conference.

The Conference would be raising an Invitation to Session Organizer for participation in the conference. *( Only one will be facilitated with opportunity in case there are more than one organizer for the session )

Special Session papers will be published together with regular papers in the Conference Proceedings. For the inclusion of the paper in the proceedings each accepted paper in the special session must be registered for the conference, according with the general registration rules. Proposals for special sessions must include:

  • Title of the special session
  • Rationale of the motivation and objective of the special session
  • Session outline
  • Specific topics of interest
  • Contact information for the special session organizer(s)
  • Short biography of the special session organizer(s)

Proposals will be evaluated based on the timeliness of the topic, and the qualifications of organizers and contributors. The balance of the topics across the technical areas represented in will be also considered in evaluating the received proposal. Special Session proposals need to address topics that do not pertain to well-established tracks of WorldS4 2022. In case, proposals belonging to well-established tracks will be rejected.

Important Dates

Special Session Proposals due 28th February 2022
Notification of acceptance of the Special Session 10th March 2022

After Special Session proposals are approved, manuscripts may be submitted to the special sessions and should conform to the formatting and electronic submission guidelines of regular WorldS4 2022 papers. It is the responsibility of the organizers to ensure that their Special Session papers meet WorldS4 Standards in terms of quality and uniqueness in research work and conduct an effective review process. If, at the end of the registration process, fewer than four (10) papers are accepted and registered, the session will be cancelled and the accepted papers will be moved to regular sessions.

Proposals should be sent via e-mail (in either Word or plain ASCII text format) to the Special Session Steering Committee.

All Communications are to be made to

Please note all papers submitted under Special Session will be considered under regular registration category only.

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[Special TRACK 5 – Special TRACK 8]
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