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WorldS4 Conference and Awards 2022, London

world eminence awards for
systems, security and sustainability

Awards recognize and reward excellence in businesses that are seeking ways to be more sustainable and inclusive in their activities. Winners of these Awards are role models that inspire all business to follow suit. The Awards are a part of continued efforts to create awareness on sustainability practices and to create capacity to mainstream them. Applicants must make a serious, company- wide commitment to the process.

In line with its objective to raise the level of security, systems and sustainability services and further to assure their clients and other stakeholders for global sourcing and development and also promote business industry segments like Banking, Telecom and E- governance, We are pleased to announce the ‘World Eminence Awards for Smart Trends in Systems, Security and Sustainability ’ to reward organizations and individuals who have shown high level of preparedness and have excelled in the area of information security.

Objectives of the Awards

  • Recognition & Honour: Recognize, honour and reward organizations and individuals who have taken strategic, proactive and innovative efforts with sustainability to help the organization address real risks, build resilience, increase trustworthiness and create a conducive environment for doing business and thus enable the organization to harness security as well as systems as a lever for business growth.
  • Elevate the role of Growth Opportunities: Highlight the importance of security, systems and sustainability function and its contribution in the overall business ecosystem of an organization.
  • Awareness and knowledge: Bring about awareness towards the need for Information Security, systems and Sustainability within organizations and society at large.

For Corporate Excellence

  • Outstanding accomplishment for the year in sustainability
  • Commendation for significant achievement for the year
  • Corporate social responsibility initiative of the year
  • Outstanding accomplishment for the year in security
  • Best r&d company of the year
  • Smart business enabler of the year
  • Global growth of the year
  • Innovation in business/technology of the year
  • Best technology introduction of the year
  • Social enterprise of the year
  • Employer of the year
  • Best collaboration of the year

For Academic Excellence

  • Best ICT enabled academic institution of the year
  • Best leadership of the year ( academic segment )
  • Best ICT enabled university of the year

For Individual Excellence

  • Woman Entrepreneur for the year
  • Best Leadership of the year ( industry segment )
  • Best Researcher for the year

In addition to the formal categories some individual awards will also be nominated, we also welcome all members of the government IT community to submit nominations for the "People’s Choice" award via email at This is your opportunity to recognize your colleagues who are making a difference in Government/Industry/Academia.